Who we are?


“Dreaming the world where everything becomes one”

Established in 2014, Synergy Solutions started with one goal : “Dreaming the world where everything becomes one”. Under this shared goal, Synergy Solutions has grown in energy market.

Synergy Solutions is a leading technology company dedicated to providing green energy saving solutions specialized in ESS (Energy Storage System), Solar Street Light, Smart Electricity Meter and Solar LED Lantern to residential, commercial and industrial clients globally.

Main Business


(Energy Storage System)

can actually store electric energy and use the stored energy whenever the need arises.

Smart Electric Meter

Smart Electric Meter

It is electronic devices that track and record the electric usage. Smart electric meter automatically capture electricity consumption then transmit it back to the electric company. So no need to visit home to check electric meter reader.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

Inside of solar street light, motion sensor is installed. Only people is passing the street, light turns on 100% brightness. If no-one is passing the street, light turns on 30% brightness. Sensor save the power so no need to high solar power. It means available ‘Best Price’.

Solar Lantern

Solar LED Lantern

What if you need a portable light when you are going to camping?

What if you need a light where there`s no electricity and nothing but sunshine?

If you say “yes”, our Solar LED Lantern is the answer.



“Greetingsto all of you

Synergy Solutions was established in 2014,

we conduct business in areas ranging from ESS to Solar renewable energy.

Synergy Solutions is always with its customers in their lives as a trustworthy partner that provides a variety of lifestyle services.

We will try our best to make the lives of our customers more comfortable and prosperous.



Power & Energy Solution Global Top Frontier”

Vision Statement

  • Helping customers improve competitiveness by providing services through accumulated know-hows in renewable energy field.
  • Pursuing sustainable growth both our members and business partners.
  • Enhancing your green life experience by introducing our premium products through creativity and challenging spirit.